Welcome to ELME, Europeans Lobbying for Marine Environments

This organization is dedicated to providing information on the state of the marine ecosystems in Europe’s four sea areas, the Mediterranean, Baltic, northeast Atlantic, and the Black Sea. As a group, we are focused on bringing awareness to the damage being done to marine ecosystems as a result of human lifestyles. We believe that knowledge is power, and by bringing much-needed information to the public, we can aid in the repair of our marine ecosystems. The decline of these habitats is a very real problem and must be addressed before the ecosystems we rely on are beyond repair.

Marine ecosystems are very complex examples of biodiversity. Every organism that exists in the ecosystem has a vital role to play. When human lifestyles allow for unsustainable fishing, physical destruction of habitats, chemical pollution, and the overabundance of nitrates in the water, parts of the ecosystem cannot survive. Each organism relies, in part, on every other structure for survival. As the water conditions change, some organisms are no longer viable. This can create a chain reaction that stretches across the environment. The decimation of just one organism can affect the life of many others, causing a major shift in the ecosystem.

Healthy oceans and seas are a necessary component of a strong, healthy planet. Human life depends on them. The foods that we eat, the water we rely on for life, and the transport of so many of the goods we rely on are all dependent on a flourishing ecosystem. ELME encourages each of you to get involved in developing a strategy for maintaining healthy ecosystems in Europe’s waterways. Individual efforts combine to have a large impact, so it is important to do your part. Our marine ecosystems need your support!

Many organizations share a common goal with ELME. Regardless of where you live or what ecosystem you depend on, we are all connected. We are proud to support the organizations listed below, our partners in raising awareness and working hard on this worldwide issue: